Workplace Workshops - Top 5 Benefits of Virtual Workshops for Team Building

Virtual workshops are a fantastic way to bring your co-workers together for some non-work-related bonding. Workshops also make for better employees!

Workshops are fast becoming a popular virtual event of choice lately here at Evenchilada! And it’s not hard to understand why.

With a wide range of workshops available from cooking, mixology to meditation workshops. There are great benefits to choosing a workshop for your next team-building event.

Here are the top 5 benefits of choosing a virtual workshop for your co-workers:

Learn New Skills

With all virtual workshops, participants come away learning something new. Whether it is a new skill or new information, they are useful time and time again.  

Feeling of Accomplishment

Completing a workshop leaves you feeling accomplished. No matter how big or small the workshop is, the feeling of creating something new can lead to increased motivation and drive.


Workshops are a great way for newer team members to engage and get to know everyone. They keep the participants engaged and really get them focused on the task at hand.


This alternative approach to team building allows participants to bond together whilst doing the activity. Workshops tend to be a more relaxed environment without the pressure of traditional team-building activities.


Choosing a workshop that is non-work-related is also a great way to reward your co-workers. The workshops are great fun, and also make for a fantastic choice if you are looking for a valuable activity to do with your team.

Here are some examples of super fun virtual workshops you can do with your team:

Go from Exhausted to Enlivened with our Amazing Mindfulness Workshops
Cooking Workshops
Our resident chefs can provide a fun virtual learning experience for a variety of cooking styles and techniques
Mixology Course 🍸
Learn mixology tips, tricks, and techniques from a pro!
🎨 Paint & Sip 🍷
Get a little tipsy while creating art!
Arts & Crafts Workshops
Don’t buy overpriced junk at a shop. Make it yourself!
Choosing holiday events for your team can be stressful. Check out our guide to make it easy and affordable!
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