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Question One is the UK's leading provider of Pub Quiz, Music Bingo and Trivia entertainment.
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Question One

Question One is a brand popularized by Cirqus.

This is the history of how Cirqus transformed Question One from a small one-person business into an international brand.

a short history

Question One was founded in 2003 by an out-of-work actor.  For over a decade he ran it out of his apartment hand-mailing every quiz, equipped with only a Xerox machine in his living room.  It grew gradually through word-of-mouth until it eventually escaped the outer boroughs of London and he could scarecely manage it.

In 2015, the Cirqus team took over management and day-to-day operations expanding the Question One name into the recognized brand it is today.  Within 18-months it had grown from a few dozen venues outside central London to hundreds of venues and thousands of events each month across the UK.  Using the Cirqus platform developed by Razrfly and through the efforts of our amazing team, it kept growing until it had reached the shores of Australia, Europe, and the United States to become one of the largest entertainment companies.  

In 2019, Question One and Cirqus were dubbed “Big Trivia” by Bloomsberg in an article published in Businessweek.  Question One remains the number #1 traditional Pub Quiz company.



Out-of-work actor officially incorporates Question One in London
Rapid Expansion


After retiring to his native Australia, Cirqus is brought on to rapidly expand operations
Series A


By 2019, Question One has expanded across the UK and Australia making it one of the largest Event companies
Breakout Moment

Beyond Trivia

New exciting events are created by the Cirqus team including Murder Mysteries, Magic shows, Workshops and Evenchilada Feud

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While the Question One brand is only available in and around London & Melbourne, the events offered by Evenchilada and Murdery are available worldwide and go far beyond the traditional trivia night
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