Evenchilada's Virtual Bingo!

For the entire month of February, we are offering a discount on this awesome event! Contact us for more info!

Here at Evenchilada, we are big fans of bingo, but we've added our own twist! It's also our featured event for February, so book this month and enjoy a discount!

Evenchilada Music Bingo

First up we have Music Bingo, our favourite, where we have replaced numbers with songs everyone knows and loves! This game always gets everyone singing along. Who doesn’t love a bit of impromptu karaoke!

Also, we can customize your bingo experience to your musical taste or you can use one of our own playlists which have been tailored so that there's a little something for everyone.

Movie Quote Bingo

Another taste of bingo we offer is truly an Evenchilada original, Movie Quotes Bingo! We play the most memorable quotes from the best movies from across the years. You'll be ready to get some Netflix going after this one!

TV Themes Bingo

Yet another Evenchilada bingo flavor is TV Themes bingo! We play the best (and worst) TV theme music and transform it into a bingo event. Everything from Game of Thrones to the Gilligan's Island theme!

Finally, we have a combination of any two types of bingo into something we affectionately call 'The Guac' Bingo, because it's smooth, creamy, and delicious. Just like guacamole!

No matter what you choose, rest assured! You will have an amazing virtual bingo experience!

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