Celebrate Your Choice of Winter Holidays with Evenchilada!

No matter which holidays you want to celebrate, don't wait to book your December events with Evenchilada!

December is right around the corner! Have you decided how you’re going to celebrate with your remote team members when everyone is working from home? According to holidayscalendar.com, December has the most holidays to choose from with a whopping 908! So there is no shortage of holidays to choose from.

Most people have heard of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, December Solstice, St. Nicholas Day, Yule, and Boxing Day, but there are also other important holidays to choose from. In the US there is Rosa Parks day on the 1st. On the 2nd there is International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. Independence Day for Finland on the 6th, Kazakhstan on the 16th, Iceland on the 24th, Slovenia on the 26, and Mongolia on the 29th.

Some of the more obscure ‘holidays’ to consider:

  • National Fritters Day (Yum!) - 2nd
  • National Sock Day - 4th
  • International Ninja Day - 5th
  • Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day - 8th
  • Cat Herders Day (?!) - 15th
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Day - 18th
  • Humbug Day (Bah!) - 21st
  • National Bacon Day (!!) - 30th

I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the most popular fictional holiday, Festivus! A holiday popularized in the ’90s on the sitcom ‘Seinfeld’.

No matter which you choose, Evenchilada has you covered.

Fun activities we have to offer this holiday season:

Holiday-themed Music Bingo or Trivia

Winter Murderland, our brand new Murder Mystery. Perfect for virtual teams.

Evenchilada's 'Fireside Games & Goodies' featuring two of our signature events/games, or Murder Mystery, and your choice of a mini-cocktail workshop, or holiday dessert workshop. We could even add a company 'Secret Santa' to the event if you wish.

Also, on the 31st is ‘Make Up Your Mind Day’, but if you wait that long it will be too late to throw the best virtual Winter Holiday Party for your remote workers of all time!!!

Evenchilada events are a great way to bring your remote employees together and December is our busiest month of the year so head to evenchilada.com and book your event today!

Virtual workshops are a fantastic way to bring your co-workers together for some non-work-related bonding. Workshops also make for better employees!
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