Don’t Be Home Alone For the Holidays

Evenchilada is here to bring you, your friends and family together during a global health climate where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so.

Most of us are trying to follow the rules to lessen the effect of this particularly...difficult virus, so we can enjoy the company of those we care about in the traditional way. You know, in person! In the meantime, Evenchilada has a fun way to hang out with your family, virtual events!

What's New in Virtual Events

For the first time, we’re combining our cooking workshops, or mixology workshops, with our classic events like trivia, bingo, or murder mystery in a single event we’re calling Evenchilada’s Fireside Games & Goodies!

One of our more culinarily-inclined hosts will guide you as we all bake some delicious treats together. While those are baking, we can all enjoy holiday-themed trivia and/or bingo or a winter murder mystery. Or if you’d rather have a tasty cocktail (non-alcoholic available) instead of a baked treat while you enjoy a classic Evenchilada event, we can do that too!

Speaking of classic Evenchilada events, we have exciting winter holiday versions of all of them! Trivia, Music Bingo & Murder Mystery as well as our games, Pictionary, Fictionary, Wiki-Games, and Evenchilada's Movie Mix have been modified just for this extraordinary season!

If you can’t get together with your loved ones in person, let Evenchilada help bring you together with the most amazing virtual events!

Virtual workshops are a fantastic way to bring your co-workers together for some non-work-related bonding. Workshops also make for better employees!
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