How to save Halloween (from COVID-19)

The world is much different than it was last Halloween. As a result we may not be able to enjoy it in the traditional ways. Evenchilada can help make sure it's still awesome!

This is going to be an interesting Halloween. As it is my personal favorite holiday, it is important that it still be celebrated in a manner befitting its greatness among the other lesser holidays, such as Groundhog Day which was celebrated in the traditional way (with shadow puppets and cupcakes)!

Depending on where you’re located, you may not be able to attend any Halloween parties this year or do any trick or treating as you had traditionally done in the past.

The good news is that, like delicious cheesy sauce, we at Evenchilada have you covered! We have a slew of special Halloween events in store for you!

What we have going on in October

The 'best of all worlds' Halloween Combo! We take our one-of-a-kind Halloween Trivia, a dash of a...darker version of one of our virtual games, then add a little taste of  Spooky Scary Music bingo to finish it off.

...And now featuring our newest event...Murder Mystery! Play individually or as teams to figure out whodunnit. First choose your scenario, then our host will present several suspects, their possible motives for murder, and clues that point to the dastardly killer! Then head to breakout rooms to discuss the details with your team and test your deductive skills. If you put it all together faster than everyone else, you win! Of course, just for October, this one has an extra scary element added to it!

More awesome stuff!

  • Halloween-Themed Trivia
  • Harry Potter Trivia
  • Spooky Scary Music Bingo

Leave it to Evenchilada to make sure you have a different but unforgettable Halloween season!

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