Evenchilada’s ‘Side Dishes’

Everyone can get extra hungry for some more events! 🌶️

If you look through our past blogs or our website or have considered where we came up with our name(!), you’d know that we’re not only into the most amazing events we can manage, we also like food quite a bit. Why else would our website be covered in cheesy food puns (haHA! See what I did there?).

Event Side Dishes

One of the things that makes us so unique in the world of in-person, hybrid, and virtual events, is our flexibility. We can mix anything on our main events menu (main dishes…) with shorter versions of those same events or any of our event add-ons in our ‘Side Dishes’ menu.

Where else can you get a mini-quiz, a round of music bingo, and a 1-cocktail mixology course, so you can sip on something tasty while you play? Nowhere but here! Maybe you want to lighten the mood after solving a bloody murder mystery? You can add a comedy set or a mini-magic show to the end of your event.

Our merch is amazing! 🎆

Evenchilada Gear Side Dishes

Evenchilada’s Side Dishes don’t stop with events! You can also get an Evenchilada gear add-on to show everyone in your town that you mean serious event business! You can simply add one of our pre-set prize packages so your winning co workers will walk away with some cool gear like Evenchilada socks, eco-bags, or mugs. We also have gift packages available so you can get your back in the office, or remote team some matching t-shirts or fanny packs (those are back in style, btw!).

Food & Drink Side Dishes

‘That’s a lot of Side Dish options’, you might be saying to yourself. ‘They couldn’t possibly have any other kind of Side Dish to offer’ you might quip. Wrong! Of course we have more to offer. In fact, we have actual food items that you can add to your event! Unfortunately, we can’t send you some of our famous enchiladas with red sauce, be we can set you up with some easy to prepare meals* like pizza (with fresh dough!), delicious varieties of pasta dishes, or soft and sumptuous baos that you can enjoy with your event. All meals have vegetarian and vegan options.

If you don’t want a full meal added to your event, we also have some snack-based baskets you could choose from.

We even have alcohol add-on options if you want to set your team up with something to spread a little tipsy joy around.**

Evenchilada Side Dishes are just another way that we show the world that we are the most complete events company on the planet! Head over to our booking page and book an event with some amazing Side Dishes and experience it for yourself!

*Subject to regional availability

**Contact one of our Event Specialists for alcohol options

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