The Evenchilada Virtual Quiz

An introduction to our signature event, the quiz! Since so many are faced with social distancing and quarantine, we offer a virtual version!

We created this quiz format to entertain ourselves while in isolation due to COVID-19. It has a little bit of everything! Audio and video clues, picture clues and general knowledge questions with our own signature questions sprinkled in.

Here are a few examples of our signature questions:

  • The Liam Neeson ‘I Don’t Know Who You Are…’ face merge - Every quiz we merge a different celebrity's face with Liam Neeson's which prompts him to say his most famous phrase!
  • Pixel Face! - A well-known celebrity with their face obscured by pixelation. Maybe it's Nick Noltes famous mugshot or it could be Nigel Farage getting milkshooken. The context is your clue!
  • Golden Question - An ‘Instant Prize’ question. Who can answer first?! Even if you're terrible at trivia, you still may win something!
  • What’s Happening? - A group of current events questions. We like to keep things fresh and reward those keeping up with what's happening on Planet Earth.

Even the best thought out quiz format is nothing with terrible hosts. Our hosts consist of musicians, actors, and comedians and are absolute entertainment experts! They will guide you through our already great format while taking it to a whole new level of glory!

Our quiz is so entertaining, you'll want to make it a weekly event!

The World's Spiciest Entertainment Company!
The World's Spiciest Entertainment Company!
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