Introducing the Evenchilada 6-Pack!

If you have a limited events budget or want something easy and reliable to plan for future events for your remote team, we have you covered with Evenchilada’s 6-pack!

Great things come in sixes. Dice, beetles have six legs, those handy 6-stud Lego, 6-packs of sodas and beer, abs, I could name more but I don’t want to. Now Evenchilada is offering 6-packs of virtual trivia!

Summer is here and what better way to keep cool than a refreshing 6-pack? You will also be cool to your coworkers that haven’t gone on vacation by keeping them entertained. You could even add on a prize or corporate gift package so the big brains on your team can show off their Evenchilada socks and T-shirts while the people on vacation will come back with some junky souvenir that will end up in a closet somewhere.

So if you have a tight events budget or if you want to plan something for your remote team that’s easy and fun so you don’t have to think about event planning for 6 months (or 6 weeks!), the Evenchilada 6-Pack is perfect for you!

All you have to do is contact us or use our booking form and let us know you want the 6-Pack and we’ll handle the rest. Not only will you get an amazing live virtual performer and an unbeatable online quiz, you’ll also get a huge chunk off of the overall price!

Evenchilada’s 6-Pack is a great way to bring your remote team together for some non-work related virtual quiz fun. Your summer season staff might be small but not as small as the price of our 6-pack! So save some cash money and book now!


Guess what? Some of our virtual events feature breakout sessions, which will be familiar to your virtual attendees. Virtual events are also a great way to get away from social media and get together with your working from home people, invite some attendees to an online session, away from virtual conferences, and enjoying live events without being in person.  Did you know that virtual events are the best way for real time entertainment even when physical events return? So check out our upcoming events.

Virtual workshops are a fantastic way to bring your co-workers together for some non-work-related bonding. Workshops also make for better employees!
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