Signature Question: ¡No Talentoso!

This is on ne of the signature questions for our Quiz/Trivia event! We get people to play a well-known song on an instrument they don't know!

For this question, we show a video of someone playing a well-known song on an instrument they don't know how to play. Your job is to name the title of the song. In this example one of our fans, Ryan, is butchering the ‘song of the 90s’ on guitar. Using a credit card as a pick no less!

Don’t worry, it won’t always be Ryan ‘playing’ the music. Also, it won’t always be played on a guitar. In fact, we invite you to submit your own videos! You could be a part of one of our future quizzes!

In this example all you have to do is guess the song title. In other versions we may have 3 songs where you need to guess the year, or guess what animal the songs have in common. The options are limitless!

Share your lack of talent by clicking on the link below!

Evenchilada signature questions are the best! More examples coming soon!

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