Special questions for CHEATERS!

One of Evenchilada's signature trivia questions...just for cheaters!

Here at Evenchilada we take cheating seriously. We know how a batch of cheaters can ruin your weekly quiz. With virtual events it’s even worse as the host can’t effectively monitor players and their Google fingers!

Well, for one question at least, we have the solution! The Google-Resistant Question! I didn’t use the term ‘Google-proof’ because, I suppose, you could find the answer eventually but it would really test your search engine capabilities. Like an onion, the Google-Resistant Question has many layers where you have to work your way backward to arrive at the answer.

Google-Resistant Question

Which production company made an animated film with a funny chubby man that was in a movie about not judging people by their looks co-starring a woman who sells female-scented candles?

Working backwards…

  • Gwyneth Paltrow sells scented candles and…
  • She was in a movie with Jack Black about not judging people by their looks called ‘Shallow Hal’. And…
  • He was in an animated film called Kung Fu Panda produced by…
  • Dreamworks!

We also have something for all those busy fingers out there. Everyone knows you can’t help yourself. So we allow you, nay command you, to utilize the most popular search engine in the world for our...Google-able question! That’s right, cheaters! This question is for you!

Check out a Google-able Question!

What is the name of the town that is a 30.6 km walk east from the center of Minsk?

No one knows that. You need to use Google to figure it out.

Keep your eye out for these and other signature questions in your next weekly or private quiz!

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