The Glorious Return of In-Person Events!

We have something really special for you. In-person events are here!

As the world returns to whatever ‘normal’ is, was, or will be, we can go back to having fun outside of the house. Also, for many of us, we are returning to the office with our co-workers. So, for those looking to return to having fun outside of the house and office with your team, we have you covered! Evenchilada is still fully prepared to keep you and your team entertained with our classic and unbeatable virtual events. We are proud to events are back!

That’s right, your favorite Evenchilada events will be available again, live and in front of your smiling faces! Our popular, multimedia quiz, music bingo, murder mysteries, and myriad other games and events are ready to be unleashed again in-person and near you and your back at the office co-workers!

While regular weekly and monthly events will be coming down the pipeline, we at Evenchilada would like to retain our flexibility when it comes to your corporate events. So if you’re trying to plan that 1st in-person event since the office reopened we can definitely help you achieve an overwhelmingly successful event. You can either work with a venue you and your team are familiar with (including your office) or one of our Event Specialists can find a venue suitable for your team’s size and needs.

Introducing Hybrid Events

But wait, there’s more! Does your office still have people working from home? Did you and your colleagues form strong bonds with co-workers from offices in other parts of the world while enjoying a previous Evenchilada virtual event? Well, guess what? Evenchilada is offering hybrid events so that if part of your awesome workforce can’t attend in-person events, they can still join via the wonders of the interwebs!

If your head is still attached to your body after that news, let me assure you that not only can you expect the same standard of excellence in our events whether they be virtual, in-person, or hybrid, you can expect the same high-quality performers to present these amazing events to you. They and everyone else at Evenchilada are committed to helping you and your co-workers to put the awful events of 2020 behind you, by offering pain-free, easy to plan and organize, 100% pure entertainment!

Add a Corporate Gift Package

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that for that 1st in-person corporate event in over a year you can go all out and add a corporate gift package! You can all be the envy of everyone, anywhere by wearing matching Evenchilada shirts, fanny packs, or socks! Just mention that you’re interested in this package in the ‘additional requests’ field when booking your event and we will set you up with the perfect gift package for you and your co-workers.

We’ll literally see you soon!

Virtual workshops are a fantastic way to bring your co-workers together for some non-work-related bonding. Workshops also make for better employees!
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