The Importance of Earnestly Playing Games

Playing games isn't just a waste of time. It's not only important for some aspects of child development, gameplay has benefits for adults as well.

According to the bastion of internet health advice,, playing games is important for the development of critical thinking skills, memory reinforcement as well as helping to understand cause and effect for children. Not to mention the bolstering of creativity and imagination.  But what about adults?

The first at-home game consoles started coming out in the early 1970s and really hit their stride in the 80s. The children of that generation are still playing video games now as adults. Then came the renaissance of adult board games during the 2000s, which took us beyond Risk and Othello to the fully emerged universes of Arkham Horror and Robinson Crusoe.

Is this beneficial to adults as anything beyond time-wasting or as an escape from the drone-like regularity of corporate life? Short answer: of course!!

Benefits of Adult Game Play

According to further cursory internet research on my part, gameplay can be very therapeutic for adults by giving them a break from children, spouses, pets, and other responsibilities. What better way to flex your first-world muscle than by wasting time throwing dice around and pretending you’re a pirate?!

But seriously, aside from the above reasons, playing games, particularly games that take some modicum of brainpower, is much more beneficial than staring at the TV or device screen for hours, rotting the brain instead of allowing it to grow. It also serves to keep our brains sharp as we get older, allowing us to age more gracefully.

Gameplay gives the isolated a chance to be social. Walls come down instead of going up, allowing people to bond with others, whether they be friends, family, or co-workers, all driven apart by this terrible virus.

Benefits of Playing Games with Co-Workers

Allow me to focus on the positive effects of gameplay between co-workers since I so conspicuously brought it up in the previous paragraph. Family and friends have an unspoken bond that isn’t necessarily shared with those who simply work for the same company. It’s much easier to drift apart if you’re not having as much meaningful in-person collaboration as you had been, leading to a loss of cohesiveness and ultimately, production.

Just as it was in the pre-COVID world, co-workers need a way to blow off steam in non-work-specific ways. In-person pub quizzes are now virtual quizzes. The murder mystery, music bingo, comedy, and any variety of team-building exercises have followed them to all corners of the internet. And for many companies, they will forever remain there.

There are many options to satisfy the urge to virtually blow off the steam that you and your virtual team share. Lots of virtual events companies offer the things I mentioned above. None, however, are as flexible as Evenchilada in allowing, nay, encouraging you to mix them all together for a truly unique experience. Furthermore, not only do we offer those services, we go above and beyond. Workshops, Coffee Breaks, Evenchilada Feud, Evenchilada’s Fake Out!, Virtual Tours, Events for Kids, and the ability to mix all those together in a Team Building-specific event, truly set us apart from any of our competitors.

There’s no reason to wait. Head over to the most fun online events website there is, book an event with us and we will make sure you are thoroughly entertained by one of our weirdo performers. After all, what would you expect from an online events company with a name like ‘Evenchilada’?!


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