The Top 6 Evenchilada Games for Your Next Team-Building Event

Your ultimate guide to the best options to provide the most amazing team-building event for you and your co-workers.

I gave our amazingly talented content and game creator, Stacy Noland, a call to ask him what he thought the best games for a corporate team-building event would be. This is his list!

#6 - Fictionary

This is a particularly tough sell because when people think of word games they don’t really associate them with a fun team-building event. This is just plain false. Not only does this game display creativity, it’s intensely competitive. Players (or teams) create their own definitions for obscure words to try and fool the other players (or teams). People have always had fun playing this one. It’s, more or less, another form of trivia but with a twist!


#5 - Evenchilada Jeoparty

This game will be very familiar to those from North America. We borrow some of the characteristics from the classic game show and give them our own special juice. Questions are still answers and there is point wagering. But we’ve made it playable for teams which is great for team building because your co-workers need to work together to come up with the right answers (questions!).

Evenchilada Jeoparty
Get ready to question some answers with our Jeopardy-based event!
Evenchilada Jeoparty!

#4 - Murder Mystery

Evenchilada Murder Mystery

Our most popular event by far. These are all written in-house by Stacy himself. They are also perfect for team-building events as your team really has to work with one another in a short period of time to sort out clues and testimony to get as close as possible to the correct answers. There is plenty of variety here as well. The difficulties and…gore levels range from 1-5 so you have some flexibility there based on what you think might be most appropriate for your co-workers. There are also a range of very different scenarios to keep things fresh if you want to try a second (or third, or fourth!) time.

🔪 Murder Mystery
An Evenchilada version of the classic game of whodunnit!
All the best murder scenarios!

#3 - Pictionary

You might be surprised to see this classic game ranked so high here. I expressed this doubt to Stacy and he was emphatic about this one and even supplied some examples from previous events as evidence. It turns out that watching your co-workers attempt to draw a dragon, Indiana Jones, or ‘break dancing’ with a mouse is quite entertaining. When you pair that with our Evenchilada twist and a fantastic professional performer, it makes for a superb team-building event!

#2 - Music Bingo

Playing Music bingo is a great way to get the energy going in your team-building event. There is a lot of music in these events so there’s always a little something for everyone to enjoy. It’s also very flexible, so if you want to make it 80s or 90s or Christmas-themed, we can do that for you. We can, and have, also created genre-themed events. One particular highlight is when we put together Latin-themed bingo for a company so they could bring awareness to and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month last year. They all had a fantastic time with it.

Games Night!

You would be surprised how many people really cut loose during these events, singing and dancing along. It really helps that we have world-class performers that really know how to get the most out of players.

#1 - Trivia Triple Play

Number one was trivia so I thought it would be an obvious time to announce our newest quiz combo, the Trivia Triple Play! Trivia is such a marvelous game for team-building events. It can be short, it can be themed, it can be played individually or in teams, it can be added on to other events. It’s great! Since we offer 3 styles of trivia, The Evenchilada Quiz, Survivor Trivia, and Quiz Bingo, we thought it would make perfect sense to recommend all three at once. Find out more on our Trivia Triple Play page!

Like our quizzes, most of our events are flexible enough to be mixed and matched together how you see fit. They’re also all available as virtual events, in-person events, or hybrid events. So when you're ready for the most unique and effective team-building exercise of all time, head to our bookin page and get started!

Virtual workshops are a fantastic way to bring your co-workers together for some non-work-related bonding. Workshops also make for better employees!
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