Top 3 Team Building Events

Keeping a tight-knit team is not only more important than ever, it’s also more challenging. Evenchilada is here to help with our wildly successful team building events.

The pandemic has changed the corporate workplace forever. Even if you have returned to the office, chances are that you’ve onboarded remote workers or have had some of your co-workers move elsewhere to work remotely. Many corporations have decided to work from home forever.

As a result, keeping a tight-knit team is not only more important than ever, it’s also more challenging. Evenchilada is here to help with our wildly successful team building events.

Benefits of team building:

New remote hires and even those working in the office face a period of isolation until they learn the ropes and get to know the rest of the team. An outside-of-work event enjoyed in each other's company is a great way to smooth out this sometimes difficult transition.

Team building events also allow your team to blow off some steam after a tough period at work. It helps them to lower stress levels and re-center, allowing them to face the next workday refreshed.

A practical reason for HR and team leaders to consider team building events is that it helps to provide a more cohesive workplace for your team. Not only do the events I will mention below provide a fun experience for team bonding, but they also allow your team to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses as they work together to solve a common problem.

Our top 3 team building events:

  1. Evenchilada’s Team Building Event - This is the premier team building event that we offer. It’s tailored specifically to achieve the results listed above. The event starts with an icebreaker to allow your team to get to know something about each other beyond the office space. Then they move on to a problem-solving team building exercise. Then finally they get to have a little fun with a short version of a classic Evenchilada event.
  2. Coffee Breaks - Evenchilada’s coffee breaks are basically a shortened version of our team building event for teams that are short on time but still want to enjoy each other’s company with a bit of fun.
  3. Evenchilada Murder Mysteries - This great event is deceptively fantastic for team building. Each team must work together to solve the mystery. It’s particularly effective if teams are randomized by our wonderful performers. That way people have to work with co-workers they may be unfamiliar with instead of interacting with the same office cliques.

A bit of feedback from a previous and happy team building event customer:

Nina from Activision had this to say, “The team-building piece was great, allowing our team to talk in small groups and the ice breaker was great. We got all we wanted out of the event.”

Here is what our other satisfied customers had to say.

So to join the ranks of these delighted customers just head to our booking page and we’ll get things started!

Virtual workshops are a fantastic way to bring your co-workers together for some non-work-related bonding. Workshops also make for better employees!
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