Top 5 Event Combos for Your Next Corporate Event

We made it easy for you to choose the perfect combos for your next corporate event.

We at Evenchilada pride ourselves on our flexibility as well as our variety. We love the fact that our events are structured so that you can come up with near-limitless possible combinations of different events to truly experience something unique.

Evenchilada Combos

Below is a list of 5 amazing combo events. Quizzes are featured in a few of these because why not? Quizzes are awesome!

5. Quiz and a Cocktail - Add a mini-cocktail workshop to the beginning of your quiz and enjoy a drink or two while you play trivia in style.

4. Magic and a Meal - Our magic shows are already the best around. One way you can make them even better is to add a meal or snack package to the event. Then you will have something tasty to enjoy while one of our magicians blows your mind!

3. Ultimate Evenchilada Trio (Quiz Bingo, Fictionary, Guess Who?) - One of the most unique events available on planet Earth. 3 magnificent Evenchilada original games merged into one awesome event!

2. Comedy/Art/Trivia - Evenchilada already has the most incredible selection for your corporate event, but have you ever seen another events company that offers comedy along with all these other games? NO! This one features one of our hilarious comedians presenting you with our marvelous quiz and our version of virtual Pictionary.

1. Music Mix - Our most popular combo to date! This event features some music-themed trivia and Wiki Games, then finishes with a round or two of crowd-favorite music bingo. These games can all be themed as well! The 80s, 90s, heavy metal, ladies only, whatever you like!

If you want the challenge of creating your own event combo, head on over to our Choose Your Own page and show us what your perfect event is made of.

Evenchilada Add-Ons

To really bump up the uniqueness of your event, make sure to add on some prize/gift packages for your coworkers and/or some meal/snack/drink packages!

Additional Information

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