Top 7 Event Picks for 2022

Get your new year started the right way with one of our best events. We even have a brand new event in store for you! Check it out!

New year, new ideas! To kick start 2022, we have put together our top picks for the upcoming year! If you are looking for something new or some inspiration to make your events stand out then these are for you!

Here are our 7 recommended events for 2022:

1: Magic Shows

We introduced Virtual Magic Shows to our events menu in 2021, and we are so happy we did! The shows are performed by professional magicians who truly blow your mind with their range tricks.

Why choose this event? If you are looking to entertain your team at the end of a hard week or fun activity as part of an online conference then our virtual magic shows are absolutely perfect! There are a range of showtimes available to fit perfectly into your schedule.

This event is also a great option for large events of 100+ people.

2: Quiz Bingo

We love trivia and we love all kinds of bingo… so we have combined the two into one epic game called Quiz Bingo! How does it work? Simple, just like trivia you need to answer a range of general knowledge questions and every answer corresponds to a tile on the bingo card. The aim is to fill up the bingo card by answering trivia questions!

Why choose this event? This event is great for those die-hard trivia fans who are looking for something a bit different, but is also a fantastic option if you are looking for something new for your team to enjoy!

3: Evenchilda’s Jeoparty

The newest game to hit our events menu! Our version of the classic, long-standing quiz show is now ready for you and your team. Questions for answers, amazing categories, and wagering are all there with that Evenchilada twist. Can be played individually or in teams.

4: Evenchilada Team Building Experience

This event may not be new for 2022 but we think it is still a very important event that should be included regularly on your remote team’s calendar. Our Evenchilada Team Building Experience was created especially for remote workers and is perfect for reconnecting teams and introducing new recruits.

Why choose this event? You can check out more about why we think team building is important in a virtual world here.

5: Paint’N’Sip

This event is always a popular choice, and we think it will continue to be so! Why? The event includes the shipping of materials so every participant can create their own masterpiece from the comfort of their own home guided by our professional artist.

Why choose this event? If you want an event where people receive a package as part of the event then this is a wonderful event or if you are looking for an activity that everyone can do at the same time together online. Not only do they learn how to create their own piece of art they have it to keep and display or give it as a gift!

6: Virtual Coffee Breaks

Over the past two years, Virtual Coffee Breaks have become a regular sight on many people’s calendars. These events are simple to create, however, we help add that extra value to them. With our professional host helping to break the ice with some icebreakers and encouraging participants to chat, along with the option to send each person a coffee pack, our Virtual Coffee Breaks event will help you get the most out of those 30-minute breaks.

Why choose this event? If you are struggling to get your team to engage in your current coffee breaks, then having our professional host on the call can help warm people up. The event is also great if you only have a short time frame available for a relaxing event with your team.

7: Trivia - 6 Pack - Special Bundle

We have a lot of clients who are big fans of trivia! In our top picks, we have included our Trivia 6-pack bundle, which gives us six trivia events at a special price so you can easily have all your trivia events scheduled and ready for your teams to compete against each other.

Why choose this event? This is perfect if you are looking to have some regular events organized in advance.

Virtual workshops are a fantastic way to bring your co-workers together for some non-work-related bonding. Workshops also make for better employees!
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