Word Problems Combo

An awesome combo of different virtual word-based games to entertain your brain!

As the world’s spiciest entertainment company, we’d certainly like to spice up your events!

Introducing our special combination - Word Problems!

This tasty combo is a wonderful mix of well known games that everyone loves.


  • Fictionary
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Movie Mix
  • Wiki Games


Fictionary gives players a chance to develop their own definitions for obscure words. If you can trick the competition you will emerge victorious (and here at Evenchilada we give bonus points to the funniest one!)


If you don’t know Cards Against Humanity, you must have been living under a rock. Using a ‘bad cards only’ selection of cards, players battle it out to create the most controversial sentences (for adults only!)

Movie Mix

Movie Mix is a special ingredient at Evenchilada, that you simply will not find anywhere else. This particular game tests the movie buffs amongst you. A written clue, an audio clip, and a visual clip are given. You name the movies, or maybe the year the movies came out, or possibly identify the theme common to the three clues.

Wiki Games

When participating in a virtual event, you pretty much have Google at your fingertips anyway, so why not use it?! We have 2 Wiki Game challenges, Nick Cage Golf and Rando-Tron. Both games will test your web surfing skills!

After playing our Word Problems mix, you’ll absolutely want to mix these in as mini-games into your next quiz or music bingo event!

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